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Mount Etna weather | A month-on-month temperature guide


Mount Etna Weather

Mount Etna, an active volcano located on the eastern coast of Sicily, experiences mild temperatures during the summers and cold temperatures during the winters. At higher elevations, Mount Etna also experiences snowfall.  

Mount Etna weather at a glance

Average temperature: 1.5℃ (34.7℉)

Warmest month: July (11℃)

Coldest month: January (-16℃)

Longest days: June (Average daylight: 16 hours) 

Shortest days: December (Average daylight: 10 hours)

Altitude: 3,329 meters above sea level

Wind speed: 20.7 km/h

Mount Etna seasons


Summers at Mount Etna are generally characterized by mild to warm temperatures. July is the warmest month at Mount Etna, and the summer temperatures are usually between 20-30℃ at lower elevations. At higher elevations of the Etna volcano, temperatures are cooler. Summers are a great time to indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring lava fields at Mount Etna. However, this is also the peak tourist season for visiting Mount Etna. 


Autumn at Mount Etna, which spans from September to November in the Northern Hemisphere, brings noticeable changes in the volcano’s weather and landscape. The day temperatures begin to cool down and the nights become chilly at Mount Etna. Temperatures at Mount Etna drop from 8℃ in September to -1℃ in November. 


Winter at Mount Etna is characterized by cooler temperatures and the possibility of snowfall, especially at higher elevations. At lower elevations of Mount Etna, temperatures are relatively mild, whereas at higher elevations, temperatures can drop significantly-sometimes even below the freezing point. Due to the chilly weather, outdoor activities may be limited at Mount Etna, but the views of the snow-covered landscape, famous craters, and lava fields are simply stunning! 


During the spring at Mount Etna, which generally spans from March to May, you can expect a transition from colder winter conditions to milder and warmer weather. Temperatures usually range from -3℃ to 3℃ at Mount Etna during the spring. Due to the pleasant weather at the volcano, you can indulge in various outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking at Mount Etna. The volcano also tends to get slightly crowded during this time. 

Best time to visit Mount Etna

The best time to visit Mount Etna is generally during the late spring to early fall months, specifically from May to September. The weather is relatively mild and pleasant and there is less likelihood of snow at lower elevations. Summer months, in particular, offer favorable conditions for outdoor activities at Mount Etna. The warmer months also provide better accessibility to various parts of Mount Etna, including the summit.

Mount Etna weather by month

  • January: January is the coldest month at Mount Etna. The average temperatures during this month range from -5℃ to -16℃.  
  • February: February is another chilly month at Mount Etna, and the average temperatures are similar to the temperatures in January. 
  • March: March is the start of spring at Mount Etna, and the temperatures increase to -3℃.  
  • April: Like March, April is also relatively cooler at Mount Etna. The average temperatures during this time are between -1℃ to -12℃. 
  • May: May is the final month of spring at Mount Etna, and the temperature increases to 3℃ at the volcano.
  • June: June, the first month of summer, sees temperatures between -5℃ and 8℃ at Mount Etna.  
  • July: July is the warmest month at the Etna volcano. During this month, the average temperature at the volcano is between 11℃ and -2℃.  
  • August: Average temperatures at Mount Etna range from 11℃ to -1℃ during August, which is also the final summer month at Mount Etna. 
  • September: September heralds the arrival of autumn at Mount Etna, and the temperatures drop from 11℃ to 8℃ during the month. 
  • October: Temperatures fall even further during October. The highest average temperature at Mount Etna is 4℃ and the lowest temperature is -7℃.  
  • November: November is the month when autumn gives way to winter at Mount Etna. Temperatures drop to below freezing point during the month. 
  • December: Winter fully sets in during December at Mount Etna. The temperature at the volcano fluctuates between -4℃ and -15℃ during this time. 

Frequently asked questions about Mount Etna weather

What is the warmest month in Mount Etna?

July is the warmest month at Mount Etna. During the month the average temperature is around 11℃.

When are the longest days in Mount Etna?

The longest days at Mount Etna occur during June. The volcano experiences around 16 hours of sunlight during this time.

What is the most humid month in Mount Etna?

The most humid months at Mount Etna are from November to February. During this period, cooler temperatures and increased precipitation contribute to higher humidity levels at the volcano.

What is the coldest month in Mount Etna?

The coldest month in Mount Etna is January. Temperatures fluctuate between -5℃ to -16℃ during this time. 

What is the best time to visit Mount Etna?

The best time to visit Mount Etna is from May to September. During this time, the weather at the Etna volcano is pleasant and you can indulge in different activities such as hiking and trekking.