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Why a food tour in Catania is a must-do

  • Arab-Sicilian Fusion in Almond Granita: Savor Catania's culinary blend in Almond Granita, a chilled dessert influenced by Arab traditions. This local favorite provides a sweet journey through the historical intertwining of cultures.
  • Historic Markets Exploration: Catania's vibrant La Pescheria and La Fera o Luni markets, steeped in history, come alive during food tours. Engage with local vendors, uncovering Sicilian culinary secrets amid displays of fresh produce and seafood.
  • Cultural Fusion Insights: Connect with locals to unravel stories behind dishes, gaining insights into the harmonious influence of Mediterranean, Arab, and Italian cultures on Catania's cuisine.
  • Dining Rituals: Embrace Catania's dining culture, from seaside Aperitivo to post-meal espresso, immersing yourself in the cultural nuances of every culinary experience.
  • Mount Etna's Culinary Impact: Catania, nestled at Mount Etna's foothills, benefits from volcanic soil, enhancing local produce flavors. Food tours often showcase this influence, including tastings of wines from the volcano's unique vineyards.

Which Food Tour in Catania is best for you?

First-timer in Catania

Go for: Guided Tours
3 hours

  • Visit eateries across the neighborhood to sample a wide range of classic dishes while exploring the area.
  • Learn about the local food culture, traditional recipes, and the stories behind the dishes, from an expert guide.

Recommended Tours
Catania Street Food Tour

Traveling with family

Go for: Historic Center Views 

Duration: 6-8 hours

  • These tours delve deep into the unique culinary culture of the areas where the tour takes.
  • Have lunch at 2000m above sea level, on the slopes of Europe’s highest active volcano.

Recommended Tours 

Guided Tour of Mount Etna from Catania with Lunch

Wine tours

Go for: Food & wine tours
Duration: 5-8 hours

  • Enjoy a wide range of traditional dishes at multiple prominent eateries in specific neighborhoods. 
  • Add on a wine and food pairing experience to sample some of the best wine produced in Italy along with the food.

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Full-Day Guided Walk at Mount Etna with Wine & Olive Oil Tasting
Etna Wine-Tasting Experience with Optional Lunch & Transfers in a Vintage Car

Tips & Hacks 

  • Review the itinerary: Before booking, ensure that the tour's itinerary aligns with your culinary interests. Choose the best experience for you based on whether you're looking to experience specific dishes or a broad sampling of Catanese cuisine.
  • Size matters: If you're seeking a deep dive into Catania's culinary scene, consider a private tour or limited participant tour as they tend to offer a more intimate experience, allowing for personalized interactions with the guide.
  • Plan your day: Most tours span between 3-4 hours. Additionally, these tours tend to include a lot of walking. Make sure you don't have back-to-back commitments so you can enjoy the tour without feeling rushed, and give yourself enough time to rest afterward.
  • Allergies & restrictions: Inform your guide in advance about any allergies or dietary restrictions to ensure a customized and safe experience.
  • Pace yourself: Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Even if the portions seem small, the variety can add up. Relish each bite and avoid rushing through the dishes to prevent feeling too full by the end.
  • No tipping required: While tipping isn't obligatory in Catania due to service charges often being included, a small tip for exceptional service is a kind gesture and appreciated.
  • Get hold of a city pass: Given the amount of walking in most food tours, a city pass can be invaluable. It provides easy access to public transport, ensuring you explore Catania without tiring out.
  • Consider your fellow travelers: If you're traveling with children or elderly family members, opt for shorter tours to accommodate their stamina. For a relaxed experience, consider a golf cart tour.
  • Be open-minded:  Embrace culinary surprises and be open to trying new flavors and dishes. Catania offers a diverse gastronomic landscape, so allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Seasonal specialties: Catania's culinary scene is deeply rooted in seasonality. To get a genuine taste of Catanese cuisine, do your research ahead of the tour. Whether it's artichokes in spring or truffles in autumn, indulging in fresh produce promises an unparalleled gastronomic experience.
  • Ask questions: Your guide is a treasure trove of information. Ask about the history of dishes, the significance of places, or any other fascinating insights and stories.

Food Hubs in Catania

Mount Etna

Discover the unique flavors influenced by the volcanic soil of Mount Etna. While not a traditional food hub, the surrounding region offers exceptional wine produced from vineyards nurtured by the rich minerals of the volcano. You can also savor Sicilian cuisine in nearby towns and villages, featuring fresh seafood and traditional dishes that reflect the local gastronomic heritage

Piazza Duomo

Nestled in the heart of Catania, Piazza Duomo is a delightful culinary stop on your food tour. Charming cafes, restaurants, and gelato shops in its vicinity offer a delightful respite. Here, you can savor the flavors of Sicilian cuisine while taking in the architectural marvels of the Catania Cathedral and the Elephant Fountain. It's the perfect place to enjoy a meal or coffee and appreciate the fusion of culture, history, and gastronomy.

Piazza Mazzini

Piazza Mazzini stands as a prominent square in Catania, and its culinary significance is a highlight of your food tour experience. It offers a medley of dining options, including charming cafes, restaurants, and bars, inviting you to savor the culinary delights of Catania. Whether you're indulging in a meal or enjoying a refreshing drink, Piazza Mazzini provides a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation, people-watching, and immersing yourself in the city's vibrant food culture. It's an essential stop on your culinary exploration of Catania.

A' Piscaria Mercato del Pesce

A' Piscaria Mercato del Pesce, or La Pescheria, is a bustling seafood market in Catania. It's a significant food hub where you can immerse yourself in the local food culture. While primarily a market, you can also enjoy freshly prepared seafood dishes at nearby food stalls and restaurants, making it a hub for seafood enthusiasts and culinary experiences in Catania.

Catania on a Plate: What You Will Try on a Food Tour


Sicilian culinary delight, arancini, are golden-fried rice balls filled with flavorful surprises. These delectable snacks come in various fillings, such as ragu, cheese, or spinach, wrapped in a crispy breadcrumb shell.

Spicy Anchovies

Catania's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea offers an abundance of fresh seafood. Spicy anchovies are a local favorite, often marinated with chili peppers and served as a zesty appetizer or topping on traditional dishes.

Baked Cipollina

Cipollina is a savory pastry filled with a delightful blend of onions, cheese, and sometimes sausage. Baked to golden perfection, it's a popular snack or appetizer in Catania, perfect for those seeking a savory treat.

Ricotta Cannolo

Indulge in the sweetness of Sicilian cuisine with a ricotta cannolo. These delightful pastries consist of a crisp, tube-shaped shell filled with creamy, sweetened ricotta cheese, often garnished with candied fruits or chocolate chips.

Catanese Seltz

Catanese Seltz is a traditional sparkling beverage from Catania, known for its refreshing taste. It's often enjoyed as a cooling drink, particularly on warm Sicilian days.

Black Nebrodi Pig

The Nebrodi black pig is a local breed known for its exceptional flavor. Often slow-roasted to perfection, this succulent pork dish showcases the rich culinary heritage of Catania.

Sicilian Granita and Brioche

Sicilian granita is a beloved frozen dessert, typically made with flavors like almond, lemon, or coffee. It's commonly paired with a fresh, soft brioche bun, creating a delightful contrast in texture and flavor.

Minnuzza Cake

The Minnuzza cake is a traditional Sicilian dessert, featuring a moist and flavorful sponge cake filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. Its sweet and creamy interior makes it a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Sicilian Culinary Customs & Culture

  • Food & Siesta: Sicilians traditionally enjoy their main meal, il pranzo (lunch), around 1 PM, followed by a leisurely siesta to escape the midday heat. Dinner tends to be lighter and served later, often starting at 8 PM or even later during the warmer months. This schedule allows you to fully embrace Catania's vibrant evening atmosphere.
  • Coffee Etiquette: Similar to the mainland, it's best to avoid ordering a cappuccino after 11 AM, as it's considered a morning beverage. Instead, indulge in an espresso or un caffè after your meal to savor the true essence of Italian coffee.
  • Aperitivo Hour: Join locals in the delightful Sicilian tradition of aperitivo—an early evening drink paired with light snacks. It's a perfect way to stimulate your appetite and socialize with friends and fellow visitors.
  • Leisurely Dining: Embrace the Sicilian way of dining by savoring your meals at a relaxed pace. Engage in meaningful conversations and connect with others over delicious food, just as the Sicilians do.
  • Wine Pairing: Sicilians take wine pairing seriously, so seize the chance to learn from experts. Discover which wines complement your chosen dishes and relish the symphony of flavors, all in keeping with Sicilian traditions.
  • Dining Al Fresco: Sicilians cherish dining outdoors, and many eateries offer al fresco seating. It's an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Catania's unique atmosphere while enjoying your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Catania Food Tours

What are the different types of food tours available in Catania?

Catania offers various food tours tailored to different preferences. Options include guided tours that will help you gain a deep insight into the city and its food culture; food and wine tours that allow you to experience the best of Italian wine with local delicacies and even tours with market visits that will allow you to understand the various types of local produce used in Italian cuisines,.

Which Catania food tour is best for first-time visitors?

For first-timers, guided tours like Catania Street Food Tour are ideal as they provide a comprehensive insight into the city and its food culture. You'll visit various eateries, learn about local food traditions, and hear stories behind the dishes.

I'm keen on local markets and fresh produce. Which tour would you recommend?

Tours with market visits like the Catania Street Food Tour are perfect for you. These tours offer a unique culinary adventure where you'll explore lively local markets, chat with vendors, and learn about seasonal ingredients.

Are there any family-friendly food tours available?

Yes, Catania food tours are designed to cater to participants of all ages. However, it's always a good idea to review specific tour details for any age-related guidelines. Most tours delve deep into the unique culinary cultures of specific areas along with tastings of diverse dishes, promising an engaging experience for both adults and children alike.

Are Catania food tours suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies?

Absolutely! Catania food tours can accommodate various dietary restrictions and allergies. However, It's essential to inform your guide in advance, so they can inform you of the presence of any ingredients that might prove to be harmful to you.

Do Catania food tours include alcoholic beverages?

Yes, many food tours in Catania incorporate alcoholic beverages, particularly wine tastings. It's common to enjoy local wines paired with traditional dishes, enhancing the overall culinary experience. Be sure to check the tour details for specifics on alcoholic beverages included.